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Authenticity is our signature. Now, with more than 10 years of existence in sunny Gizzy, our Team is well trained and have decades of experience practicing and using the authentic pilates method to treat and train all types of bodies and needs. 

Our instructors, Fabio and Thomaz, who are passionate by the outdoor living, surfing and living an active life, are the living proof of this method and how it helps in all aspects of a healthy body, mind and soul. 
Additional to the great and very talented Instructors that we have, we are also the only studio in New Zealand, alongside the Training Centre in Auckland, with the complete set of Pilates equipment, which makes us very proud! We guarantee our clients will have the best Pilates experience in town. We are specialized in Private Sessions but also have a few options for small groups. Check our timetable offer for more information.  


We Have A Wide Range Of Equipment For Our Clients To Use To Challenge and Assist In All Your Fitness Needs. These Will Be Incorporated Into Your Private Training Sessions



One of the first pieces of equipment designed and developed by Joseph Pilates when he felt the need to work all muscle groups in a range of different positions and motion.


The Reformer can be adapted to all body types as it’s platform glides through the frame against resistance springs, that can be modified according to each movement. 


Using your own body strength and weight, you work against these resistance springs while executing a wide range of exercises that can be done in seated, lying on back or stomach, kneeling and standing positions.

Our goal, at Authentic Pilates, is to develop your strength, mobility and control required to execute the sequences in a controlled and easy flow.

The Reformers are used in Private One On One Sessions. 


Inspired by the Hospital Beds from the 1st World War, where he worked as a nurse, Joseph Pilates adapted this concept by incorporating straps, handles and springs to create this very interesting piece of equipment!
Due to it’s height, this equipment offer a great option for those who struggle to sit on a mat or low chair and the frame around the bed has hooks where you attach springs and bars which help to execute the exercises. It can be used for injury rehabilitation all the way through to advanced movements for a more challenging workout.
Around 100 exercises can be performed with the Cadillac and be used in many different ways to suit different people and their needs and goals.

Cadillac 3.jpg


Originally designed by Joseph Pilates for a family of circus performers who wanted to exercise at home and as they travelled around the country, it was later developed for people to have in their small apartments in New York in the 1940s due to its compact size. 

It allows a wide range of movement that demands muscle strength, flexibility, body control and good alignment which makes it perfect for a challenging and fulfilling workout. 


We have workouts that are tailored around using this chair executing a wide range of exercises. 

Fun fact about this piece of equipment, is it can be flipped on it back and turned into a chair by closing the pedal!


Also known as “High Chair”, is normally found in classic Pilates Studios.

Created off the concept of a wheelchair, the Electric Chair has a high back and a pedal for your feet to pump. It’s used for postural exercises, knee strengthening and rehab, balance and mobility.
The movements are focused on feet, ankles, legs, knees, hip, spine and shoulders.



Also known as the “Arm Chair”, the Baby Chair is a gentle way to strengthen arms, neck and shoulder while also improving spinal mobility and core (power house) strengthening. 
The backrest of the chair is movable which can increase the challenge and demands more effort and control from the body.


This is a purposefully “unstable T-shape” attached to a square wooden shape.


Exercises are always executed in a standing position and your balance will be constantly challenged here.
Great to be used at the end of the session, the majority of the exercises will lead you to use your core (Power House) to stabilize. You’ll feel the whole body working!


Excellent for developing alignment, posture and body symmetry. The Guillotine can also be used at home by adapting it to fit a door frame using the hooks attached to it.


The name was inspired by the vertical look of this and also the way the exercises are performed.
Simple but effective way to built strength and control for the whole body in a progressive and safe way. Good for all body types.


These devices were created to work the spine, hip and shoulder flexibility and mobility. They vary in height so you can try different levels of difficulty and exercise options.

Spine Corrector & Small Barrell.jpg


This piece of equipment was basically built to work on improving the flexibility, mobility and strength of our spine as well as the hip and knee areas. The exercises are focused on lengthening the spine and mobility of the hips.
It’s design helps to find the better alignment to execute the exercises and correct bad postural habits.


Foot Corrector.jpg
Toe Stretcher.jpg
Magic Circle.jpg
Neck Stretcher1.jpg
Sand bag.jpg
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