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Ypkje Brown, 

28 October 2020

"I first went to Pilates approximately 20 years ago on the recommendation of a friend after a serious back injury. My experience with the Authentic Pilates Studio Team has been exceptional and I always look forward to going to the sessions. Fabio and Thomaz are highly skilled in their profession. I value very much the respect, courtesy and expertise that they have given to me, as a client. The relief from pain, the development of my core strength and the retention of my natural flexibility has given me the ability to enjoy physical activities (such as canoeing and tramping) that I could expect and hope for, from my body. I certainly felt the effects of not being able to do my usual sessions during the Covid lockdown. It was alarming how quickly I lost my strength and flexibility, but I’ve got it back now!"

Damon Gunness

March 2019 I developed sciatica and as a keen surfer I was landlocked and in chronic pain. A friend recommended I see Fabio at the studio as he has good experience with disc rehabilitation. Within 6 months of regular practise he had me back in the water and surfing again, and now one and half years later  and continuing my regular practises   my body is feeling in the best shape it has for years. The practise Fabio and Tomaz offer has something for everyone from acute injury rehab right through to high level  core strength and flexibility practises. It was refreshing to work with instructors who were so highly skilled and really wanted to help.


I am hooked for life

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Kay Waitmans.jpeg

Kay Weytmans

I was a bit of a late starter to Pilates in my 50's initially just to try and get some kind of exercise in my life. I was hooked because within months the low back pain that had stopped me sleeping after a big day in the kitchen was gone.

 Then I was faced with major abdominal surgery so after 8 weeks recovery I checked with my surgeon re Pilates as the concern was developing a hernia with exercise and he said the best thing I could do was Pilates so I got back to my pre-surgery level of fitness after some months.

 Last year after neurosurgery I was left with severe right arm and leg weakness. I asked if the team would be willing to help me rehabilitate and they have been incredible. Thomaz has been patient but firm and keeps challenging me even when I think I can't do something and turns out I can. 

 A year on I still walk with a stick, my arm is back to 90% and I am mostly independent and considering trying to get back to work. 

 I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without Pilates. Not just the exercise but stretching all the weak and stiff muscles so don't contract and become unusable.


Thank you especially, Thomaz you have helped me get my life back. 

Leigh Sheldrake

The key benefit I get from a regular pilates workout is all round body balance.

I started pilates sessions with Fabio when I was getting upper back, neck and shoulder pain from swimming and I felt imbalanced. With Fabio’s personalized workouts we had this sorted in no time, and I also started to see improvements in my flexibility, balance and strength.  

My sessions are always tailored to my needs and are based around any niggles, aches and pains.  Some sessions are more challenging than others but all are equally as beneficial, it is always good to go back to the basics and really focus your mind on that ‘power house’.

I am also really happy with my core strength and tone, as this was another area I had to rehabilitate and prioritise after having two cesareans. 

I love the variety of equipment at the studio and the endless exercise options this offers – we are super lucky to have this facility run by a professional, fun and friendly team right here in Gisborne.

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Nat Teutenberg.jpg

Natalie Teutenburg

“I have been doing Pilates for 15 years at the Authentic Pilates Studio here in Gisborne.  I started it to assist with lower back pain.  Pilates has been amazing for my body and I have never looked back.  I have had three children in this time and swear by Pilates for both pre and post natal recovery.”

Karin Mahuika

I started at the Authentic Pilates Studio in 2018 as part of a training programme in preparation for the World Waka Ama Sprints later that year and I have continued with regular sessions since. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.  As someone who has never been very flexible ( and who waited until she was in her 70’s to do anything about it!), it has been challenging at times but the sessions are always geared to my personal needs and capabilities while encouraging me to push beyond my comfort zone. I really appreciated being able to continue my sessions via Zoom during the lockdown.  The staff keep up to date with their own professional development If you think Pilates might be for you, give it a go and enjoy the benefits. 

Karin Mahuika.jpeg

Gill Armstrong

"Authentic Pilates has become an integral part of my life. Fabio and Thomaz adapt programmes specifically suitable to one's age and condition. They have helped keep me strong and able to do all the things I want! Their manner is always kind and encouraging!!! It's great to have them in our community."

John Sherratt

“The team at Authentic Pilates has enabled me to remain relatively pain free and active through arthritically prone knee and hip issues.  I highly recommend Authentic Pilates to help future proof against poor posture, ageing limbs and sore backs.”

Anna Thorpe

“I have been attending Private sessions at the Authentic Pilates studio for 5+ years.  The care and attention from day one has been amazing and I am so thrilled to say that I have felt muscles working that I had forgotten how to use and my injured hip is now strong and almost pain free when exercising.  I have never felt pushed but supported and encouraged to build my strength and flexibility. The instructors are all wonderful people, each offering their own style and they have created a safe, nurturing and caring environment……all with a little dose of laughter!”

Cynthia Dobson

“My personal Pilates tutor understands my body perfectly! Weaknesses and strengths are all given careful consideration and the outcome is a better me!”

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