Our aim at Authentic Pilates is for you to be able to achieve a body that is balanced and strong to the core through small group and private one-on-one training.  Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do and our focus is to make a meaningful, positive impact on your minds and bodies.

You can book 1h, 45min & 30min private appointments. 

We always recommend for new members to start with a Private One on One Session. This way we can assess your body and it's needs and recommend which of our services are best for you, taking into account your time and budget.

Head to our Private Session page for more information on our casual and package rates.

Maximum of 3 to 4 people. Classes can be 45min or 55min long and they work as “private” groups. 

Using a piece of equipment called Mat Wall, we combine standard mat Pilates techniques with the added benefit of springs and bars to increase challenge and difficulty for the workout. We recommend an intermediate level of practice to be able to have full benefit of this class. 

Head to our Group Classes page for more information on rates & schedules.

Maximum of 10 people. Classes are 55min long.

Perfect for all levels these classes will develop a longer, leaner body while improving your strength & posture. If you have an injury or movement limitation, we recommend starting with a private class so out instructors can asses and recommend accordingly. 

Head to our Group Classes page for more information on rates & schedules.

Pilates Gold is a dedicated class for those 60 & over. It’s a safe, low-impact class that focuses on strengthening  whilst protecting joints. Pilates at its core works on improving balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and your breath. It is gentle enough to be right for you at any age, and every exercise can be modified on any given day to meet you where your body is that day. 

Head to our Group Classes page for more information on rates & schedules.


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