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Pilates works for those who want to improve their physical fitness as well as those who want to get rid of chronic pain, prevent injuries, muscle-skeletal rehab and more…

The Authentic Pilates Method promotes incredible benefits for your body, mind and spirit and our highly trained and experienced instructors will help you get the best possible results for your body.

Among The Benefits Of The Regular Practice, You Can Find:

-       Strengthening your core – Power House
-       Increase of strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance
-       Improvement of body awareness and movement control
-       Slow down aging process
-       Improvement of general health 
-       Postural re-education, better alignment and reduction of bad posture symptoms

-       Strengthening of back muscles, eliminating chronic pain
-       Stress reduction
-       Increase blood circulation and boost immunity
-       Improve coordination and balance
-       Improve muscle tone
-       Relief of chronic back pain


Ypkje Brown, 28 October 2020

"I first went to Pilates approximately 20 years ago on the recommendation of a friend after a serious back injury. My experience with the Authentic Pilates Studio Team has been exceptional and I always look forward to going to the sessions. Fabio and Thomaz are highly skilled in their profession. I value very much the respect, courtesy and expertise that they have given to me, as a client. The relief from pain, the development of my core strength and the retention of my natural flexibility has given me the ability to enjoy physical activities (such as canoeing and tramping) that I could expect and hope for, from my body. I certainly felt the effects of not being able to do my usual sessions during the Covid lockdown. It was alarming how quickly I lost my strength and flexibility, but I’ve got it back now!"

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